Case Study #3: The Guggenhiem Museum, Bilbao

January 17, 1994 a large earthquake centered in Northridge, CA put the WDCH project on hold. Frank Gehry had just won a competition to design the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. This project would use the techniques and processes C-cubed had developed on WDCH and bring to completion the first full scale, world class Master Modeling (BIM) project which would shock the Architectural world. The question posed was, “How did Frank do it?” How did he create such a curvy building, something contractors were saying before this point, that it couldn’t be built. Numerous articles were written stating that Gehry had revolutionized the industry with a process that other architects wanted to emulate. 


C-cubed would continue the success working with Frank Gehry and complete 16 of his project, the last being the Walt Disney Concert Hall which C-cubed began modeling in 1992 and was completed in October, 2003.

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