Case Study #1: The Monumental Fish Sculpture

The Monumental Fish Sculpture at Olympic Village was built for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. It was the first large scale project completed in the architectural industry using a fully integrate 3D digital modeling process. It was a proof of concept that Rick Smith introduced to Frank Gehry’s office and that motivated Frank to incorporate on successive projects. A comment made later by principle Jim Glymph substantiated the success of the process introduced to Gehry’s office:

"Our initial experiments in this were astoundingly successful. It shocked us all. We did our first paperless process in 1991 on a fish sculpture in Barcelona. It created a wonderful collaborative environment between us and the fabricators and builders who executed the work. The project was finished perfectly to what Gehry was looking for, ahead of schedule, on budget and everyone enjoyed the process, which was one of the most important things.”                    M. Day, “Architect Frank Gehry Finds Art and Business,” AEC, Feb. 23, 2004.

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Barcelona Fish
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